Season 1 of Eat, Heal, Travel is slated for release and distributed nationally to PBS and will reach more than 90% of the US market and all major Canadian cities – more than 290 million viewers.

Wilfred Aguila - Host / Executive Producer

General Synopsis

Hi, I am Dr. Will Aguila! As a weight loss surgeon I helped countless people live healthier lives. Eating right is a major part of that, and so, I have made it my mission to rediscover the simple foods that sustained our bodies and kept us healthy through the ages.

Each week, on Eat, Heal, Travel, we will explore common foods that we all know and love and introduce you to the not so common ones as well. We will look at the stories behind these foods as well as the growing evidence for the medicinal values that these foods have long been known for.

Join me as we search the globe to rediscover the foods that we have grown to love, stopping along the way to understand the history, culture, customs and traditions of the people who made these foods so unique.

Dr. Will Aguila
Eat Well, Live Long, and Travel Far!

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